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Tan Pin Pin Guest Editor I have always been interested in alternative Singapores, the path not taken and relatedly, I also think about the cost of paths taken and how these decisions have come to shape our lives today. What if we could turn back the clock?

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Once Bonded

Yu-Mei Balasingamchow When I was 19, I inked my name on a legal document to affirm that I would enter upon and diligently continue in an overseas university course specified by the government of the Republic of Singapore, complete it to the best of my ability, then return immediately to Singapore to serve the government […]

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Reminiscences on a HDB Point Block

Ho Weng Hin

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学语以外 : Beyond Language Learning

李慧玲 : Lee Huay Leng English version Translated by Francis Lim Khek Gee, with additional translation by Tan Siok Siok 我们回到上海时,赶紧把在汕头买的潮语配音《白雪公主》卡通片拿出来播放,听着皇后用潮州话问那镜子:“魔镜,魔镜,世界上那个芝娘最美丽?”全家人都被逗乐了。

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