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no. 20 > “Bicentennial 2019 Biennale”


no. 20>“Bicentennial 2019 Biennale”


Editorial: Bicentennial 2019 Biennale


Preview Raffles Renounced: Towards a Merdeka History (Ethos Books)
Sai Siew Min > Updating the Narrative: a Dialogue Between the Former Coloniser and Colonised


Faris Joraimi > Redoing and Undoing the Colonial Pageant: Dialogues with the Raffles Statues


Joseph Tham > Are You One Of Them? –  Music for Everyone: Variations on a Theme


Cecily Cheo > Looking at Song-Ming Ang at the National Museum, Singapore



no. 19 > “Growing Up in Post-1965 Singapore”

no. 19>“Growing Up in Post-1965 Singapore”


Editorial: Growing Up in Post-1965 Singapore


Chan Wai Han > A fierce Cantonese woman – growing up in Singapore in the 60s


Fong Hoe Fang > Going to Where the Silence Is


Kevin YL Tan > Standing Up and Being Counted: Lessons from my Childhood




no. 18 > “Exploring Disability Studies”

no. 18>“Exploring Disability Studies”



Kuansong Zhuang, Victor >Editorial – Exploring Disability Studies: Reflections on methodology


Alvan Yap > Looking at ‘d’ art: Fab or fad?


Jacqueline Woo > Cripping the Church: A Personal Reflection on Disability and Religion


Fiona Tan > Universal Design: Beyond the exclusive “Barrier-Free” labels


Phoebe Tay > Being d/Deaf in Singapore: A Personal Reflection of Deaf Culture and Identity


Nurul Fadiah Johari > My experiences and perspectives on the lack of empathy in psychiatry




s-pores special highlight> Interview with Mr Yeng Pway Ngon



Mr Yeng in Grassroots Book Room. Image Courtesy of Tan Waln Ching



no. 17 > “History and Critical Pedagogy”

no. 17>“History and Critical Pedagogy”


Introduction to the 17th Issue: History and Critical Pedagogy


Sonny Liew > The Hunt for Mas Selamat


Sonny Liew > Beauty World


Chua Beng Huat > Editorial: Critical Pedagogy


Philip Holden > Writing Emergency: Teaching Singapore Literature in an Historical Frame


Joseph Tham > History Education, Graphic Novels & Historical Thinking


Angelia Poon > Teaching the Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye



no. 16 > “Being Young in the 1950s”

no. 16>“Being Young in the 1950s”











Edgar Liao > “Introduction to Constructing Nanyang Childhood


Edgar Liao > “Civics for Young Malayans: Colonial Educator E H G Dobby in Singapore”


Interview with Mr Arthur Yap – an English-educated youth in 1950s Singapore


Ho Jin Yee > “In His Own Words: Writings of the young S. Rajaratnam”


no. 15 > “bookshops”

no. 15>“bookshops”

Our 15th Issue – “bookshops” – Celebrating 10 years of s/pores


Faris Joraimi > “Wardah”


Fadli Fawzi and Faris Joraimi > “The Intellectual Legacy of Kampung Glam”


Interview with Mr Yeo San Chai ( Yeo Oi Sang) of Xinhua Cultural Enterprises (S) Pte Ltd (English Translation and Mandarin Original)


Tan Waln Ching > “City Book Room” by Tan Waln Ching (English and Chinese)



s-pores commentary No. 1> “Some Men and a Red Box; A Woman and Her Handbag”







(Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s Red box, Straits Times 31 March 2015)


no. 14 > “Yang Tersirat”

no. 14> “Yang Tersirat”


Fadli Fawzi and Khairulanwar Zaini > Editorial


Alfian Sa’at > The Absent Mother: Malay Cinema, Cultural Memory and Mediated Spectatorship


Khairulanwar Zaini > Reading Resistance in the Malay Heritage Centre


Fadli Fawzi > Remembering the Malay Left


Nurhaizatul Jamil > API, AWAS, GERAM: Shamsiah Fakeh’s struggle for Malaya’s independence


Fairoz Ahmad > Ideology and Utopia in Al Imam


Siti Hazirah Binte Mohamad > “Living the lives of Hanyut”: The Construction of Malay Youth Delinquency in Singapore


Annaliza Bakri > Sebutan Baku and the need to redefine the limits of culture


no. 13 – National Day 2013 Special Issue > Objectum – an exhibition

no. 13.2 Objectum – an exhibition

Editor: 17 March 2014: As a follow-up feature, s/pores is pleased to feature an essay written by Wong Lee Min on the 2nd exhibition in curatingLAB: PHASE 03 – Objectum

1. Cover Page of the Exhibition Pamphlet

Objectum: An Exhibition on the Shifting Meanings of Daily-Life Museum Objects>


no. 13 – National Day 2013 Special Issue > after|thought – an exhibition

no. 13.1 after|thought – an exhibition

Editor: In commemoration of National Day 2013, s/pores is pleased to present the afterthoughts of a recent art exhibition by a group of young curators and artists. Their theme and topic? – 9 August 1965.

Editor 24 Aug: Added a review of a new album LUCIFUGOUS (X’HO + ARCN TEMPL) that was launched on 9 August 1965.



1. Introduction>

2. On Representation>

3. Art and Space>

4. after|thought at Oxford>























5. Review of LUCIFUGOUS (X’HO + ARCN TEMPL) >> Senile Dementia>



no. 12 > SeX Spaces in Singapore: ENcounters, INhabitants, and IDentities

no. 12 Sex Spaces in Singapore: Encounters, Inhabitants, and Identities

Geylang Road (source: Terence Chong)








Introduction > Terence Chong


Public Morality in Sex Spaces> Vanessa Ho


Is Joo Chiat’s ‘Little Vietnam’ a thing of the past? – Essay and Photo Essay > Nicolas Lainez


Social Visits and Special Passes: Carceral Spaces of Migrant Sexual Labour in Singapore> Sallie Yea


Ethnographic Sex Work Research in Singapore: Who gets to speak? >   

Lu Huiyi


Imaginary Frontiers and Deferred Masculinity: Singapore Working Class Men in Batam > Terence Chong


no. 11 > the pOp CuLTuRE IS-U

no. 11 The pOp cUltURe Is-U



Introduction: Pop Culture in Singapore Chua Beng Huat

An Interview with Sonny LiewLim Cheng Tju

“Model student” TV: The Inter-school Debates and the Politics of EducationClarissa Oon

Review of CatacombsX’Ho

Review of Sun WorshipperJoseph Tham

A Stone’s Throw AwayLeslie Low

The Early Comics of Eric KhooLim Cheng Tju

ART: An Interview with Cheo Chai Hiang Yvonne Low

Shaun’s Home Parties: A Photo Essay, with Introduction by Lim Cheng Tju

Review of Monsters, Miracles & MayonnaiseChoy Kam Leong Larry

The Making of Ten Sticks and One RiceOh Yong Hwee and Koh Hong Teng


no. 10 so what

Interview withAlvin Tan

Interview withJohn Gee

Interview withCorinna Lim

Routes not RootsPhilip Holden

no. 9 the arts II : Tan THSketchesTSL

Sketches from PrisonTeo Soh Lung
The SeventiesRobert Yeo
Reclaiming Literature for SingaporeAlvin Pang
Eulogy for Fang XiuChng Seok Tin
Theatre and its Publics, and Everything ElseRichard Chua
of love, and sweetsJohn Low
Cheo Chai-Hiang’s The Story of MoneyIsabel Ching
Chua and Koh’s Gone CaseGwee Li Sui
Review: Singapura Uber AllesJoseph Tham
in memoriam: Tan Jing Quee (1939-2011)
Merger and Malaysia (1961)Tan Jing Quee

no. 8 intellectualssandcastle

The Shifting Sands of TimeLim Cheng Tju and Hong Lysa
Portrait of a Modernist Poet: Lin FangChiu Weili
Reading Kuo Pao Kun’s Early Leftist PlaysClarissa Oon
The TangentKelvin Chia
Suspending/escaping RaceConstance Singam
The Trouble with ‘Idealism’Kwok Kian Woon
Review: Realism in AsiaLim Cheng Tju
Review: Beyond the Blue GatePhilip Holden

no. 7 men in whiteMIW Book

Forum on Men in Black or White: History as Media Event in SingaporeChua Beng Huat
From People’s Action Party to Men in WhitePhilip Holden
What a Book! What a Launch! What a Story!Tan Tarn How
The forever missing handshakeHong Lysa
Review: Making and Unmaking the AsylumLiew Kai Khiun

no. 6 the arts I : Tan THwolfnotes

‘After’ Kuo Pao KunC. J. W.-L. Wee
For wolfnotesLee Tzu Pheng
Third StageWong Souk Yee
“But there is nothing here to shoot…”Tay Kay Chin
Raising the SubjectJason Wee
Censure and CensorLoretta Chen
National Songs RevisitedTan Shzr Ee
First-World Economy, Third-World CultureMichelle Loh
Review: +65 Indie UndergroundJoseph Tham

no. 5 detentionthat-we-may-dream-again

A Public Oral History of the Singapore LeftMichael Fernandez and Tan Jing Quee
Hide-and-Seek HistoryTeng Qian Xi
Ex-Political Detainee ForumKevin Blackburn
Forgetting DetentionSai Siew Min
Review: Dark FolkeAng Song Ming

no. 4 if : Tan Pin Pinhome

Once BondedYu-Mei Balasingamchow
Reminiscences on a HDB Point BlockHo Weng Hin
学语以外 : Beyond Language Learning李慧玲 : Lee Huay Leng

no. 3commemorationMK Rajakumar

Aggression in AsiaMK Rajakumar and Poh Soo Kai
Speech for MK RajakumarPoh Soo Kai
MK Rajakumar: A Life Well LivedTan Jing Quee
That He Shall Not Die a Second DeathEdgar Liao
The Enigma of A Samad IsmailTan Jing Quee
Hankering for National HeroesHong Lysa
The Singapore History GalleryMark Ravinder Frost
David MarshallDaniel PS Goh
Review: 100 Greatest: Singapore 60sJoseph Tham
The Deep DivideCN Chen

no. 2 archives & memoryWang Gungwu

Introduction to “Learning Me Your Language”Philip Holden
Learning Me Your LanguageWang Gungwu
Trial and Error in Malayan PoetryWang Gungwu
Three Faces of NightMoon ThoughtsWang Gungwu
An Interview with CC ChinSai Siew Min
History, Memory and LeprosyLoh Kah Seng
Remembering the Enright AffairEdgar Liao
Usman Awang in SingaporeTan Jing Quee
Whose Invisible City?Hong Lysa
Thirty Years of A History of SingaporePJ Thum

archives & memory IIBTC

An Interview with Wang Gungwu (mid-1980s)Robert Yeo
New University, Three GenerationsWang Gungwu
Review: Memories & ReflectionsLoh Kah Seng

no. 1inaugurationFang's Memoir

Reading Fang Zhuang Bi’s MemoirSai Siew Min
A Personal Journey In Search Of FajarLim Cheng Tju
Huang Kaide’s ‘Our Memories’Kwee Hui Kian
Interpreting National Language ClassDaniel PS Goh
The continuing saga of Singapore’s StoryHong Lysa
In Memory of Linda Chen (1928-2002)Tan Jing Quee
Ho Piao: A personal recollectionTan Jing Quee
Education at largeFrancis Lim Khek Gee

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