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Review: Singapura Uber Alles

Joseph Tham X’Ho, Singapura Uber Alles, Warner Music, 2010. This might just be the album I have been waiting for X’Ho (previously known as Chris Ho) to make. From the very title, Singapura Uber Alles, a double entendre of a line from the German national anthem associated with its Nazi past

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National Songs Revisited

From Propaganda to Pop to Anti-cool Kitsch Tan Shzr Ee There was a time, when people said that one Singapore song was too many – but maybe they were wrong. Lame attempt aside at parroting that famous opening line of our 1987 hit, We Are Singapore, what can be gleaned from rusty minds which have […]

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Review: +65 Indie Underground

Joseph Tham Various Artistes. +65 Indie Underground. Universal Music Singapore, 2009. 3-CD box set. It was a warm and humid evening. Fans of the band playing on the make-shift stage in the garden of the Substation (now the popular live space/café, Timbre and formerly Fat Frog) were euphoric and jumping and slam-dancing away as the […]

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Review: Dark Folke

Ang Song Ming The Observatory. Dark Folke. Singapore, 2009. On their fourth album Dark Folke, The Observatory continue charting a path that, quite frankly, no other Singaporean band has managed to do over the span of five years.

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