Editorial: after|thought – an exhibition

In commemoration of National Day 2013, s/pores is pleased to present the afterthoughts of a recent art exhibition by a group of young curators and artists. Their theme and topic? – 9 August 1965.

after|thought is an exhibition resulting from curatingLAB: PHASE 03:

Curating Lab 2012 offered recent graduates and young curators exposure into curatorial perspectives and practices. Organised by NUS Museum with support from the National Arts Council, the six-month programme began with a curatorial-intensive designed as a workshop, followed by internship assignments. Participants were guided by facilitators and mentors, working towards a final exhibition project. The programme centred on curatorial heterogeneities and contingencies, to be addressed as practices informed by conceptions of the nation and the global, spaces and their contexts, where modalities of practice are shaped and positions defined.

 – curatingLAB: PHASE 03 programme collateral, NUS Museum, 2012

Editor, 24 Aug: Added a review of a new album LUCIFUGOUS (X’HO + ARCN TEMPL) that was launched on 9 August 1965.


1. Introduction

2. On Representation

3. Art and Space

4. after|thought at Oxford

Senile Dementia